Window Displays Week "Fashion is ephemeral. Architecture is permanent. Fashion moves. Architecture is still."

Mission Statement

The Window Displays Week (WDW) is a new festival for creativity, modernity and uniqueness attained in the window displays which are aesthetic testimonials of the city’s visual culture. WDW transforms the streets and the windows in the city into an alternative cultural scene and the window displays into canvases where students, young and emerging fashion designers and architects will express their united artistic creativity. The essential principle of WDW is not only to showcase and communicate art but to transfer messages about fashion and architecture’s sustainable values. 


WDW is designed as a year-long immersive educational and practical program featuring the following activities:
Master Classes, Workshops, Festival, Platform.

Master Classes revealing worldwide experiences in fashion design, architecture and visual merchandising held by globally recognized and well-established experts.

Previous guest speakers →

Soline d’Aboville

Soline d’Aboville, Designer and Scenographer, Specialist in creation of window displays, Founder and Creative Director of Manymany agency in Paris.

Aleksandra Olenska

Aleksandra Olenska, Fashion Stylist and Creative Consultant, Professor at IFA Paris and a regular speaker at Central St. Martins London, Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Institut Français de la Mode and the Conde Nast Academy and Founder and Creative Director of Style Whisperer Academy.

Niko Neki

Niko Neki, Art Director in Paris, Image Maker, Installations, Window Displays, Stage Design and Digital Printing.

Workshops under the guidance of well-established domestic and regional specialists in the fields of fashion and architecture.

Previous trainers →

Aleksandar Protic

Aleksandar Protic, Fashion Designer and Professor at the Department of Fashion Design at Metropolitan University in Belgrade.

Katarina (Urošević) Samardžić

Katarina (Urošević) Samardžić, Fashion Designer and Professor at the Department of Fashion Design at Metropolitan University in Belgrade.

Tijana (Maljkovic) Pavlov

Tijana (Maljkovic) Pavlov, Fashion Designer and Professor at the Department of Fashion Design at Metropolitan University in Belgrade.

Mitko Hadzi – Pulja

Mitko Hadzi – Pulja, Architect and full-time Professor at the Faculty of Architecture (UKIM) in Skopje.

Festival & Platform

Window Displays Week Festival portrays the city as an aesthetically appealing, modern and open space for artistic collaboration. Ten window displays and one public space in the city centre were redesigned by 30 fashion designers and architects.

Platform fostering future collaboration and highlighting the potential of a continual alliance between fashion designers and architects.

The First Edition of WDW

The first edition of the Window Displays Week was organized in Skopje in 2019, supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in North Macedonia.

By initiating an open dialogue between fashion designers and architects, WDW paved the way towards enhancing the local visual culture and imposing new standards. The city became a modern design gallery and an active player in design education.

WDW 2019 results: over 300 participants attended the Master Classes, over 100 applications by young and emerging architects and fashion designers for attending the Workshops (30 selected), 10 window displays and 1 public space in the city centre redesigned, over 500 people attended the official opening of the WDW Festival.


Partners of WDW: Public Room, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy / Institute for Fashion Design and Technology of Textile (UKIM), Faculty of Architecture (UKIM), Metropolitan University – Belgrade, Municipality of Skopje, Municipality of Skopje Centre and the President of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Press coverage: Fashionel,, Сакам да кажам, Нова Македонија, Вечер, Порта 3,, Женски Магазин, Stylist, Радио МОФ, Бизнис вести, Марх, Сакам да кажам, Нова Македонија, Fashionel, Stylist.


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