Studio Virtu Association for Promotion of Visual Culture

"Breaching the modern discourse of aesthetics and visual culture."

' Studio Virtu '


We strive to address social challenges in culture and creative industries by influencing positive changes in the fields of fashion, art, architecture, design, communications and digitalization. 


We focus our activities on education, research processes using multidisciplinary methodologies, innovative projects, organization of conferences, festivals and exhibitions, curatorial practices, encouraging creative potential, mobility and cultural exchange, art residencies, international cross-sectoral collaborations, developing the digital culture, and awareness-raising activities in the field of culture and creative industries.

We foster critical creative thinking about intellectual property and contemporary trends in culture and the creative industries in a multidisciplinary context.

Collaborating with renowned international professionals in a variety of fields, STUDIO VIRTU has built a wide network of associates, partner organizations and institutions from across the world.


STUDIO VIRTU is launched in 2020 by experienced professionals with over 25 years of combined experience in the fields of art, fashion, architecture and communication.

Kristina Gligorovska

Fashion Researcher, Fashion Editor, and Creative Industries Consultant with vast experience in the Fashion-Tech domain. MA degree in Fashion Studies from Stockholm University, MBA degree in Global Fashion Media from IFA Paris, and Guest Researcher at Parsons NYC.
Published in Fashion Theory Journal, and a regular speaker at global fashion conferences.
Co-founder of MINTSQUARE Magazine.
Co-founder of Window Displays Week.

Bojan D. Georgievski

Entrepreneur and owner of the Acanthus Gallery in Skopje. Significant experience in SME management and extensive insight into the Macedonian art scene.
BA in Finance and MSc in Management from the University of Sheffield, UK.

Lidija Georgieva

Fashion designer and full-time professor at TMF/UKIM, Skopje. Graduated in fashion design at ESAA “Duperré”, Paris – scholarship from the French government. Also holds a Master`s degree in Graphic Arts from the Faculty of Arts in Skopje and a Prix d’excellence at the European Contest of Young Designers Award in Paris. Responsible designer for various luxury houses in Paris and costume designer for many theater plays, contemporary dance and home design.
Co-founder of Window Displays Week.

Iskra Jankovska Mihajlovska

Architect, owner of “STUDIO Jankovska” architecture & design studio and founding partner at engineering company VEDA. She graduated architecture on The Faculty of Architecture in Skopje. STUDIO Jankovska was established in 2009 and specializes in the field of interior design, individual residential architecture, window display design. The Studio also cooperates with designers from different fields, such as fashion designers and graphic designers. She joined VEDA company in 2011 and works on the development of innovative fire protection systems for buildings and households.
Active in a non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection of public spaces and improving life in the cities.
Co-founder of Window Displays Week.

Meri Bakal

Communications professional with over ten years of experience in shaping and reflecting the unique visions of clients across industries. Deep understanding of the dynamic cultural landscape, combined with an intuition that anticipates innovation in communication.


Window Displays Week Festival portrays the city as an aesthetically appealing, modern and open space for artistic collaboration. Ten window displays and one public space in the city centre were redesigned by 30 fashion designers and architects.

The first edition of the Window Displays Week was organized in Skopje in 2019, supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in North Macedonia.

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